March 18th, 2009

Spock Head Tilt

Pope Benedict and Condoms...

I see Pope Benedict thinks that the use of condoms could endanger public health and increase the problem of HIV/Aids.

I'd like to refer the pope to this book:

"Brothel: Mustang Ranch and Its Women" by Alexa Albert

The author began this project as an examination of the incidence of STDs among the legal prostitutes in Nevada; she was surprised to find out that, because of the mandatory use of condoms, the level of STDs was nearly zero. Maybe ex "working girls" could go out and educate the pope and others of his opinion on the proper use of condoms? ;-)

I grew up 40 miles from one of those brothels. When I heard they accepted MasterCard and Visa I laughed my rear off (alas, it came back...) and wondered if they put "for services rendered" on the receipt.