May 3rd, 2009

KS Street Scene

New Classic Trek Yahoo Group

T’Guess and I have recently had some interesting discussions with several TOS fans about a variety of subjects related to both TOS and fan creativity and fan history. We realized we couldn't find a Yahoo list which quite matched all of our Classic Trek interests. There are many wonderful Yahoo groups out there focused on specific types of fan fiction, but we couldn't find one that focused on TOS-related fan creativity in all of its forms.

So we went ahead and created Classic Trek Creative Fandom. We hope to encourage discussions of all aspects of TOS-related fan creativity and fandom history, whether gen, het or slash. We welcome wide-ranging conversations about where people draw their inspirations, whether it's from TOS canon, other sources, or their personal lives. We recognize that part of being a fan community is getting to know each other as individuals.

Join this group to explore and discuss classic Trek (TOS) creative fandom, such as:

- Trek Zines & Fan Fiction (gen, het & slash)
- Trek Art (in all forms: drawings, paintings, CGAs, etc. )
- Trek Song Vids
- Filks
- Trek Pro Novels & Films (including Star Trek XI)
- Fandom History
- Sources of creative inspiration

Enthusiasts of TOS (The Original Series) are welcome. Whether you're a reader, writer, artist, vidder or publisher, or if you just want to enjoy some fascinating conversations in a relaxed setting, this group is for you.

We welcome you to join us in our conversation. :)

CatalenaMara & T’Guess