October 17th, 2009

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Star Trek K/S Fic: Sacrifices Part 1

Title: Sacrifices
Author: CatalenaMara
Fandom: Interludes in and a sequel to Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Rating: NC17
Disclaimers: Paramount et cetera et cetera.
Summary: Kirk founds out exactly what Spock remembers after the fal-tor-pan. Originally published in the print fanzine Legacy Volume 1, July 2007, edited by Jenna Sinclair.
Beta & Thanks: With thanks to my editor, Jenna Sinclair, and my betas J S Cavalcante and Muriel Perun. Thanks also to Lyrastar for the inspiration.



Cool air drifted across Kirk’s skin. The contrast between the ferocious heat less than a meter away and the oasis where he now stood was like a knife-slice, shocking in its sudden delineation of boundary.

A breeze rustled through the waneti bush, separating some of the tiny white blossoms from their stems and strewing them on the ground. From where Kirk stood in the gazebo, which was nestled in the furthest curve of Amanda’s enclosed garden, he could see the thin branches ripple in the hot wind. He remained safe in the shadows, protected from the fierceness of the late morning Vulcan sun. The cool air soothing his skin wasn’t simply the result of the shade the arched ceiling provided. Rather, the ceiling contained a cooling unit, providing a welcome respite from the heat that had voraciously sucked moisture from his skin, his lips, his eyes.

The unrelenting heat had stolen his tears as well.

His past, destroyed. His future, sacrificed.


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I. Ambassador Sarek’s Residence

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Star Trek K/S Fic: Sacrifices Part 2

SACRIFICES by Catalenamara Part 2

He’d always trusted his gut instincts. He trusted them now. He continued speaking. "This captain’s crew—they were all cadets. So very young. They all looked up to him, trusted him. And then the unthinkable happened."

A remote curiosity appeared on Spock’s austere face.

"To save his crew from certain death he sacrificed himself. The effects of the radiation…. He must have known the consequences. And yet he made that choice." Kirk cleared his throat against the roughness in his voice. "It was the right choice. He saved the lives of all those cadets, but at tragic cost to his own."


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Star Trek K/S Fic: Sacrifices Part 3

Sacrifices Part 3 by CatalenaMara

II. Admiral Kirk’s Residence

San Francisco, Earth

Spock contemplated his hands. Light poured through the glass walls of the solarium on the topmost floor of Admiral Kirk’s apartment. The hard white light illuminated the pattern of pores in his skin, highlighting imperfections, delineating with contrast and shadow the structure of his hands, the muscles and ligaments and bones beneath the skin. He spent long moments contemplating each individual finger, then turned his hands over in order to inspect his palms in equally attentive detail.

His living body was a miracle. He was a miracle; or so the humans said. The scientific details were quite fascinating. There was, of course, a logical explanation for everything. Even his own resurrection.


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Star Trek K/S Fic: Sacrifices Part 4

Sacrifices Part 4 by CatalenaMara

Spock flinched, and he saw that Kirk noted his reaction. Kirk drew in a deep breath. "I’ve always been willing to take risks. I’ve always known there are consequences. I know you understand that. You’ve taken the same sort of chances yourself. And you’ve been willing to face the consequences. You were willing to face your own…." Kirk’s voice trailed off.

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