October 22nd, 2009


South Carolina political appointee posts erotic fiction on the net, resigns...

I'm sure this is already all over LJ, but RL has been keeping me from posting/reading for awhile.

There I was this morning, reading the Los Angeles Times at breakfast, highly entertained by "South Carolina embarrassed by politicians behaving badly" (the Family Values crowd sure keep on getting caught with their collective pants down, don't they?), and read this line:

"...the head of the state board of education resigned amid allegations she used a pseudonym to post erotic fiction on the Internet."

Whoa! Hello Google! Here we go:


The LA Times story:


At least it wasn't fanfic.

When's the US ever going to grow up regarding sex and erotica?

(I don't often get to use my Victoria Woodhull icon...! She was the first woman to run for President of the United States, in 1876, partially on a "free love" platform.)