June 27th, 2010

Spock Head Tilt

U.S.S. Pinafore Trek parody!

I went with several Trek friends to see the musical play “U.S.S. Pinafore” (a Trek-themed takeoff on “H.M.S. Pinafore”). Great fun! All the Pinafore characters were there, dressed up in Starfleet uniforms, orbiting the planet Penzance 12, going through all their class-related romantic shenanigans. They managed to get in a verse of "Star Trekkin' Across the Universe" in among the other musical numbers.

There was a lizard alien, in-jokes to Vulcan neck pinches, and lots of redshirt jokes. The guy who played the top dog Federation official had so much gold braid on his uniform sleeves it was nearly solid from wrist to elbow. *Great* voices. Great set too, complete with a captain’s chair. When they all transported down to the planet, they played the transporter sound effect while they lowered a curtain with a projected background.

Here’s a description:
“U.S.S. PINAFORE" takes Gilbert and Sullivan farther than they've ever gone before... to outer space! The nineteenth century ironsides of the title has been fitted with anti-gravitation gear and lasers set to kill! It takes to the air in a brand-new version that is guaranteed to blast you out of earth's atmosphere and send you to a solar system filled with laughter and delight. The trivial antics of G&S's veddy British lords and ladies seem far less trivial when they're fighting for their lives against alien lizard men! (okay... possibly slightly more trivial, but twice the fun!)


I understand the production has been extended into July if any Angelenos want to go.