March 16th, 2011

Loki riding

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Thank you to "Anonymous" for the lovely flower gift and her note, which read:
"Thank you for all your hard work in sharing classic zine stories with us!"

You are very welcome. :-)

Since I didn't post this info here, I'll do it now:

Here are the links for the TOS stories that have been recently posted to as part of the project to upload K/S stories originally
published in print fanzines. These stories are all being posted with permission of
the author.

First off, thank you so much to the following people for their help in
making this project a reality: morgan_dawn, Mary Crawford, Mary Monroe, Carolyn Spencer, and jennasts. And thanks in advance to the people who are working on upcoming uploads. Here's what people have done/are doing: OCR scanning, retyping, proofreading, and photocopying.

Volunteers for this project always welcome! The OCR scanning has been a
big bottleneck, but I've found a couple more people who can help with that
aspect, Anyone else who can help with OCR scanning, please let me know. NOTE:
This is NOT regular scanning, which creates an image. This is scanning
into a text file, so the resulting file can be edited in a word processing

Assistance also needed in photocopying clean copies of stories from the
original fanzines, proofreading the OCR scans, and retyping stories that can't
be properly scanned due to the quality of the original.

So here are the links. I'm including some stories posted a few months ago,
as I neglected to thank people at that time:

LITTLE SORROWS by Dovya Blacque
After a close friend dies, Kirk starts having sleeping problems and Spock
discovers that there was a mental link between the two men. Originally
published in 1986 in the print fanzine As I Do Thee # 4.

THE AIR IS THE AIR by Vivian Gates
When Kirk and Spock are captured by Klingons, Spock agrees to sex with them
in order to protect Kirk, making Kirk aware of Spock's bisexuality and
creating problems in their friendship. This story was originally published in
1986 in the print fanzine As I Do Thee #5.
This story comes with warnings, so read them before deciding if you want to
proceed to the story:

FROM CHOICE by Vivian Gates
Just as Kirk is getting his doctorate, his servant Spock's time of
indentureship is ending. Originally published in 1985 in the print fanzine "Greater
California K/S".

IN PARADISE by Vivian Gates
Cadet Kirk is stranded while on a survival course and is found by Spock, a
cadet also stranded 5 years earlier. Originally published in 1985 in the
print fanzine "As I Do Thee" # 3.

FAIRY TALE DREAMS by Dana Austin Marsh
Co-author: Phaedra Morgan
Willing to service Spock during pon farr, Kirk's fears are played out in a
series of dreams.
Originally published in 1994 in the print fanzine Kaleidoscope # 2.

LOTIONS AND POTIONS, ETC. by Dana Austin Marsh
Co-Author: Phaedra Morgan
Sulu tricks Spock into hosting a party to sell Sulu's line of sex potions
and toys, a situation that does not sit well with Spock's lover, Kirk
Originally published in 1996 in the print fanzine Kaleidoscope 5.

Co-Author: Gena
One tribble is left behind on the Enterprise.
Originally published in the print fanzine Beyond Dreams 1 (1999).

THE PRIZE by Ray Newton
On a Vulcan where Surak's Reforms never happened, the warrior Spock
acquires a Human slave.
This story was originally published in 1981 in the print fanzine "The Price
and the Prize".
WARNINGS: Abuse, Non-consensual sex, rRape

Kirk and Spock must dress like women in order to fit in at the diplomatic
reception being held for them on a female-dominated planet.

Kirk is troubled by the attention he feels Spock is paying to a visiting
Vulcan female scientist, especially since he feels Spock has closed himself
off from him and their newly-begun affair. Originally published in 2007 in
the print fanzine "Bondmates".

Spock begins acting strangely after returning from Sarpedion's past.
Originally published in 2001 in the print fanzine First Time # 53.