April 13th, 2011

VW Bug

Bug Tales: The Great 4 Wheel Drive Adventure!

I had a “sort of” request for another “bug tale” – I haven’t posted one of those in ages.

Alas, I no longer own my 1973 VW beetle. It died a dramatic death last year, the engine giving out at the corner of a very busy intersection. I had the choice of replacing the engine, again, or getting something newer. And while I had had ambitions of having a drivable 40 year old car, I figured 37 years was a more than respectable time for my beloved Bug.

Way back in the day, when my car was very very young, I was living in the middle-of-nowhere Arizona. One year I took a “just for the fun of it” geology class at the local community college.

One of the things we did was go on a field trip, which involved driving another 60+ miles further into the middle of nowhere, then following a dirt road out past the back of beyond. The instructor told the students that four wheel drive vehicles were required, but I figured that, after living in Flagstaff for awhile, and driving my Bug through all that damn snow without ever using snow tires or chains, and over all kinds of mountain roads, that that requirement didn't apply to me.

So a friend and I showed up in my car, and all the guys (it was mostly men in that class) laughed their asses off. The instructor said OK, we'd try it. He took the lead, and they had me follow directly behind him, so there would be plenty of people behind me to help me when I got stuck.
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Loki riding

KiScon Update - Kirk/Spock slash convention June 24-26, Los Angeles, CA

KiScon is on its way!

The organizers of KiScon 2011, rhaegal and awarrington have a new update:

KiScon Update - Kirk/Spock slash convention June 24-26, Los Angeles, CA

We're less than three months from the con, and things are moving along

Firstly, a reminder that if you haven't yet joined KiScon 2011, the
price will rise from $99 to $120 on May 1st 2011. You can join online
now <_http://www.kiscon.org/con_reg.php_> to benefit from the lower rate.

You also need to book your hotel room:
<_https://gc.synxis.com/rez.aspx?hotel=20154&chain=5388&arrive=6/23/2011&\_> by June 1st to benefit
from the discounted group rate of $109.00.

We know there's been some concern from regular KiScon attendees over the
inclusion of Reboot K/S this year, so we have been asking members to
specify their universe preference when signing up. So far, about half
have stated that they prefer TOS, with most of the remainder enjoying
both universes. We have therefore arranged a two-stream program in which
there will be something TOS-specific on at all times, with the remainder
made up of some Reboot-specific items and some general/meta discussions
which can be applied to either universe. This means that everyone should
find plenty in the program to suit their tastes.

We are currently accepting submissions of fic and artwork for the zine,
to be compiled by Arminaa. If you are interested in contributing, please
let us know as soon as possible and let us have your final submission by
May 31st 2011 at mailto:_kiscon2011%40gmail.com_ (mailto:mailto:kiscon2011%40gmail.com) .

We are also accepting vids, both new for con and which have been shown
before. If you would like to submit your creation for the vid show,
please send it (or a link to a hi-res version) to mailto:_vidshow%40kiscon.org_
(mailto:mailto:vidshow%40kiscon.org) .

We can't wait to see you in June!

Rhaegal and Amanda Warrington
KiScon 2011 Co-chairs