October 9th, 2011


Wrong icon for this, but...

My "clean up the house play a brainless movie in the background" movie yesterday was "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". So bad! Glad Joss Whedon got to do what he really wanted to do with the awesome TV series. I should be watching those instead, but I might actually start to watch them and not get the cleaning done.
Apollo Sunrise

Vid Rec: A Day in the Life

This is one of the most awesome fan music vids I’ve ever seen. (Well, OK, I have LOTS of favorites...) I have never seen the source material, the TV series “The Dead Zone”, but when I saw this at a BASCon vid show I was amazed at just how very very astonishingly good it was. The audience agreed; everyone applauded as if they’d never applauded before. (I did read the Stephen King novel back when it was first published, so I was familiar with the storyline.)

Shalot and Speranza’s “A Day In The Life”: