October 21st, 2011

Loki riding

K/S fanzine stories recently posted to ksarchive.com

As part of the project to post fanzine stories to ksarchive.com, with the permission of the authors, the following stories have been recently posted:

"Portraits", a K/S novel by Charlotte Frost, published in 1990 by MerryMen Press
Summary: A novel of Kirk and Spock's journey to each other as told through a series of pivotal events.
Many thanks to Sandra S. and Lyra for scanning, proofreading, and correcting scanning errors.

Thanks to Jenna Sinclair for providing the electronic file for “Great Expectations” and M.E. Carter for providing the electronic files for her stories.

A Matter Of Biology by M.E. Carter
Summary: Spock’s pon farr returns while the ship is orbitting Altair 4, and Kirk is unwilling to contemplate Spock turning to a stranger.
Originally published in 2002 in the print fanzine First Time # 56.

Unto Harvest in the Fullness of Time by M E Carter
Summary: With the events on Gamma Hydra IV still fresh in his mind, Kirk joins Spock as he works on repairing a sabotaged observatory.
Originally published in 1999 in the print fanzine The KiSCon Zine.

Addiction by Anna S. Greener
On the night of his bonding, Spock loses himself in memories.
Originally published in 2005 in the print fanzine "T’hy’la" # 25.
Warnings: Major character death

Great Expectations by Anna S Greener
Summary: Kirk is frustrated in his attempts to get Spock into his bed by Spock’s reticence concerning the differences in their anatomies.
Originally published in 2004 in the print fanzine Beyond Dreams # 7.

And thanks again for Killa for providing us with and maintaining such an awesome archive...! Many hugs!