February 28th, 2013

KS Street Scene

How cool is this? Pluto's newest moon is named Vulcan

Pluto's newest moon is named Vulcan with just a "bit" of help from Trek fans...


***'Thank you to all who voted!' Shatner said in a tweet once the tally was complete.

***Actor Leonard Nimoy, who portrayed Spock, joked: 'If my people were emotional they would say they are pleased.'

And hey, my 2nd choice, Cerberus, won as well.
KS Alternative Factor

Memo to clothing company

Memo to clothing catalog company: Yes, I’m very happy with the coffee colored jeans jacket I purchased from you during your last sale. And I’m also pleased with the $25.00 coupon you mailed to me. I did browse through the sales items on your otherwise way overpriced website selections and saw a lot of things I liked. Alas, none of them were in my size.

So, really, is it necessary for you to spam my LJ sign in page with pictures of all the things I looked it? Particular since – You Don’t Have Them In My Size. (Big Brother may be watching, but boy, is he stupid!)