December 22nd, 2013


I’ve never been in a fandom where I needed a dictionary…

I’ve never been in a fandom where I needed a dictionary…

Since I tumbled headfirst into Thor/Loki and Stark/Loki fandom a few weeks ago after seeing “Thor: A Dark World” I have inhaled a whole lot of fic, and quickly discovered I better be ready to Google while reading.

OK, Norse Mythology. I read the teensiest bit about Norse mythology when I was a kid, and all I remember is Loki tricking Baldr’s brother into killing him, and the utterly depressing concept of Ragnarok.

Google and Wikipedia are my friends. I have since become acquainted with the following terms: Yggdrasil, Norn, Jörmungandr, Gungnir, Hliðskjálf, Vanaheim, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, lots more terms that I have to copy because I sure can’t spell them.

And, decades worth of Marvel universe storylines and characters. I loved comic books in my teens and 20s, but when I discovered fandom I could afford either fanzines or comic books, and so the comic books had to go. Who *are* all these characters who keep showing up in fanfic? I’ve been getting quite an education.

And that education in the Marvel universe allowed me to understand one bit of dialogue in one of the “after the credits” scene in “The Avengers” (which of course I’ve had to rewatch a few times in the last few weeks.) I’m talking about the scene in which the Big Bad (who was in charge of the Chitauri army and who tortured Loki) is talking to the Biggest Bad (that big purple dude with straight gashes around his mouth) and uses the phrase “courting death”. When I watched “The Avengers” for the first time I knew the purple dude looked familiar, so I asked around and found out the character is called Thanos. I read up on Thanos and found in comics canon Thanos is literally wooing Death Personified (and with a name like Thanos, that makes perfect sense).

I knew Joss Whedon and company knew their stuff, but yeah! They sure do.

And, gotta learn the fannish terminology. OK, Thor/Loki = thorki. And Stark/Loki = FrostIron.
I’m back at Fannish 101 here.

There’s an amazing amount of great fic out there. Here’s one I read recently which switches the plot of “Thor”, so it’s Loki exiled to Earth, not Thor. I love the way he begins studying Earth Magic (aka astrophysics) in an attempt to reclaim the powers Odin has taken away. The author does a great job with all the characters.

And the artwork! Tons of great fan artwork – such a cornucopia of riches! Just Google Loki and click on images and lots of great pieces show up in the results.

And let’s talk about mpreg. Awhile back I made a post saying something along the lines that maybe mpreg is a concept that’s been made easier for fandom to accept due to the way it’s woven into our culture (Eve from Adam’s rib, Athena from Zeus’ brow, etc.) I just hadn’t realized Norse mythology was the equal of any crack fic in fandom. I knew Zeus, the old horndog, was always changing shape and having sex with anything that moved, as were a lot of the other ancient gods, but is Loki the only ancient god who shapeshifted into a mare, had sex with a stallion, and gave birth to an eight-legged horse? (I’ve been entertained by the way Sleipnir is worked into so many fics, usually as an aside to embarrass Loki.)

Loki also got around in the fatherhood area – besides Sleipnir, his other offspring (Fenrir the wolf and Jörmungandr the world serpent) have gotten a few mentions in fic as well. He was presumably male – though probably not in human form – when he fathered the wolf and the serpent.

Here’s a gorgeous piece of art with Loki and his kids:

And here’s a very cutesy “mother’s day” cartoon. As Stan Lee would say, ‘nuff said.