September 3rd, 2014


September Posting Day 3: Random thoughts about the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I don’t have a lot of posting time tonight, so here’s just a couple of random thoughts on the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

- Why do so many people think Steve Rogers would be squeamish around swear words (as long as women weren’t present, that is?) He was in the military, after all. Tommy Lee Jones certainly had a supply of PG13 swear words in “Captain America: The First Avenger” – just imagine what TLJ’s character would have said in real life. (Under the cut is a WWII era, yes, sexist, dirty limerick I learned in the 1970s from a 60something woman I worked with at the time)

- Why are there so many Avengers stories set in Stark Tower where they’re discussing who is going to do the dishes? Stark is a bazillionaire, he’s got people, or at least robots, to take care of daily stuff like that.

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