September 8th, 2014

Garak Bashir

September posting Day 7: Vid recs - old favorites

I love music vids. Love them. I've been to so many convention vid shows over the years, and I have soooo many favorites - more than I can ever rec. So I'm going to make three vid rec posts, by "theme", as it were.

Today’s post is for two of my favorite 1990s fandoms - "Due South" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine".

I go back to these two vids time and time again.

Icebound Stream by Sisabet
This vid is as jaggedly beautiful as her recurring images of ice and diamonds, the images perfectly chosen for Victoria's cold lethal character. I'm still amazed by Sisabet's masterful use of outside footage - the push and pull between Victoria and Fraser highlighted by the bloody amorality of nature.

“Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”: Master of the House
So – damn – funny! Such a perfect match of song and character. And hey, there’s even a nod to my major slash pairing in the 90s at 1:40 – Garak/Bashir.