November 22nd, 2015

Loki riding

New(ish) fic: Those Who Favor Ice: Writing Steve Rogers

This is my most recent story: Those Who Favor Ice (Steve Rogers/Loki), NC17.

I never used to have any interest in participating in fic exchanges/challenges, but I’ve been wanting to expand my writing horizons, and these events looked like fun and interesting things to do.

So when “Avengers Fest 2015” was announced I signed up and indicated what characters I would (and would not) write and what tropes I would not do.

I was sent a list of prompts from Heeroluva, and she listed her favorite characters as Thor, Loki, Steve, Bucky. She also had a long list of very interesting prompts. I came up with ideas for a few of them, but the one that ate my brain was “The Jotun (Loki at their head) save Earth from the Chitauri.” I wondered just how I could make that work. When I woke up the next morning the idea was there, pretty much fully developed, in my head. Thank you, subconscious.
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