November 20th, 2016

Loki riding

My Marvel Big Bang story

Whew! I made it, and just a few hours before the deadline. I finished my story for the Marvel Big Bang.

I originally projected it to be 15,000 words (the minimum was 10,000). Well, it was a lot longer – 50,000+ words. My life has been chaotic over the last many months, and I’m still reeling in shock from the results of an election that feels like a direct assault on everyone and everything I hold dear.

But, early on I set myself a goal of a minimum of 300 words a day five days a week, and I stayed with that goal day after day, week after week, despite everything else that was going on. I made this commitment months ago, and I was 99% of the way there on election day. So I kept on going all the way to the finish line.

“Secret Identities”, a Thor/Loki fic:

Summary: It’s a long and twisting road that leads to redemption, whether it’s Thor’s path back from his murderous attack on Jotunheim, or Loki’s descent into emotional darkness when his treachery backfired and he learned his true identity. He struggles between his love for and his hatred of his brother - which path will he take?
Canon divergence from the point where Odin falls into the Odinsleep. Odin’s punishment for Thor’s arrogance: Banish him to earth. Make him mortal. Take his memories from him and give him the identity of the mortal, Donald Blake, a mortal, moreover, with a disability. Because three days as a mortal isn’t enough to overcome the habits of a lifetime.
At first Loki is gleeful about Thor’s banishment, but despite himself, Loki’s emotions turn into longing for what they had once, which turn into fear and determination as he realizes he has to somehow break Odin’s spell, restore Thor’s memories, and bring Thor home before Thor meets a mortal death. And there’s also the matter of the pending war with Jotunheim…
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