April 3rd, 2018

Loki Ragnarok

New Loki fic

One single line from canon can inspire a lot of fanfic. Here’s my take on one line from “Thor:Ragnarok”.

It took watching “Thor: Ragnarok” with closed-captions on before I realized what Loki was saying an instant before Thor sees him: “There was a wormhole in space and time beneath me. At that moment, I let go.” (And then he laughs.) WTF?!?!?! Arguably THE most traumatic moment in Loki’s life and he laughs it off?!? I had to write a fic… and here it is.

“Excerpts From The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard (Sakaar Version)”
Loki rewrites his play for a new audience. Topaz is unimpressed. The Grandmaster’s sycophants, all jockeying for position in The Grandmaster’s orbit, are intrigued. And The Grandmaster wants a lot more than melodramatic stories.

My story is non-explicit dubcon. There’s loads of frostmaster (Loki/Grandmaster) fic out there – fans were *never* going to resist that eyelash-fluttering look GM gives Loki. Dubcon is part of the background of my story but I had other things to put in the foreground. So – sorry – no porn this time.

Excerpts From The Tragedy of Loki of Asgard

(Remember a few days ago I made a post about struggling to put all the puzzle pieces of a story together? I’m still struggling. This isn’t that story. I have made some progress on that one. The first chapter is nearly complete and I plan to post it soon – contrary to my policy to never post WIPs. I very much want to begin posting before “Infinity War” comes out and josses everything.)

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