May 11th, 2018

Loki riding

New Loki story: Infinity War canon divergence

New Loki story – Infinity War Canon Divergence

(Remember a few weeks ago I made a post about struggling to put all the puzzle pieces of a story together? This, finally, is that story.)

Contrary to my policy to never post WIPs, I began posting my new Loki story “On Yggdrasil’s Branches” in early April. I started writing it several weeks before “Infinity War” came out, because I had a strong suspicion they were going to do two things which would royally piss me off and I figured I’d write pre-emptive canon-divergence. I set it up, though, so that if IW went in another direction, this story could, as well.

Well, Marvel did exactly the two things I hoped they wouldn’t do.

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