December 15th, 2018

Loki riding

Luke Cage

I bought all 16 issues of Marvel comic book "Luke Cage: Hero for Hire" when it came out in the early 70s, and continued reading when it was retitled "Power Man". I stopped reading later in the 70s when the title was changed to include Iron Fist as I didn't particularly care for that character.

I recently started watching the Netflix series "Luke Cage", and they've done an excellent job with the character. I just watched the origin episode, and smiled at their reference to Cage's original costume, which included a bright yellow shirt and a silvery headband, along with tight black pants. In the episode, for plot reasons, Luke needs a shirt and all that's available is a yellow shirt. (Not as blindingly yellow as the one in the comic books.) He's also wearing the headband as part of the experiment that gave him his superpowers, but ditches it early on.

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