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Loki riding

Star Trek XI Movie Poster

Here's a link to the poster for the upcoming Star Trek movie. I must say, I like the imagery!



Very simplistic without any hint of content. I don't like such poster. They are relying on the fanbase.
That's typical of Hollywood. This far out, particularly with genre movies, they do like their symbolic posters. And of course they don't have any actual images to use at this time. (I do get really annoyed at those "mystery billboards" which display some cryptic image one week, to be replaced the following week by the actual ad.)

What I liked about this poster is the blue and the gold - the mental image I got was K&S standing very *very* close together...! ;-) Not that is their intention, I'm sure. But in a tiny part of my mind I'm imagining it's some kind of coded message to us. A *very* tiny part of my mind. The part that contains "fantasies and dreams".
Ooooh! Slashy! *g* It's says Starfleet and it's got Kirk and Spocks uniform colors there, side by side. *g*

I just love the way the blue and the gold blend together...
Oh my God, that is SO suggestive. Woven together. Hm. I wonder who thought it up. I wonder if they felt they were being all Platonic and philosophical and pure. Hee!
"Woven together" - beautiful! I love the "fabric feel" of this piece. I was describing it as "blended together", but "woven" is the perfectly chosen word to describe how truly they are interconnected.

>>>Platonic and philosophical and pure

:-) Whatever they thought they were suggesting, I know what message I'm getting from it...
Loki riding

July 2019

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