February 9th, 2019


Old fic

While going through a box I'd had in storage for a long time, I found two binders full of my old fanfic - as in, decades old carbon copies* of fanzine-published Star Wars fic I wrote in the 1970s, none of which is online because it was seriously jossed, and fanzine-published Star Trek fic I wrote in the 80s, most of which is online.

And the poetry! Tons and tons of fannish poetry! Mostly Trek, mostly fanzine-published. I'd say maybe 10% of those poems are online, but I'll be going through them in the weeks ahead to see if I feel if any of them is worth posting.

Plus I found a folder containing an original handwritten fantasy* novel that I don't even remember writing and have no idea what it's about.

*I'm assuming it's fantasy from the fantasy-style title, but maybe it's the SF novel I hand wrote in the month between the winter break between the my college sophomore fall and spring semester.

* carbon copies - how many people even remember that term?