catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

The History of Music Vids/Fanthropology

Is there anything on the net on the history of music vids? (Yes, smile, I know this is a stupid question... )

I’ve been trying to figure out the first time I saw a music vid, so I’ve been doing a bit of ‘fanthropology’.

I saw some “Star Trek” vids before I ever saw vids for any other fandom. I’ve been working “backwards” to determine exactly when I saw those vids.

In 1984, I remember seeing some “Dark Shadows” music vids at “The Dallas Dark Shadows Convention”. I recently emailed the two women who made those vids (I’ll call them “K” and “M’), and I was told they made their first two vids in 1983. They’d been inspired to do this after hearing about a video that had been made running music to an unedited sequence from a “Starsky & Hutch” episode. She thought the “Starsky & Hutch” vid had been made in 1981 or 1982.

“K” told me, re the “Starsky & Hutch” vid, “To the best of my knowledge they did not edit scenes, but just had a music background and let it run. . . . .(some friends) were talking about that video and I started to get the idea of editing scenes to music. I don't know if someone else had already done it (editing scenes, versus playing music to go along with unedited scenes) or not.”

Before I ever saw K & M’s DS vids, a woman named Carol showed me a DS vid she was working on. I believe this was early in 1983. Carol had come up with the concept of making vids independently from anyone else. By this time, I had already seen some “Star Trek” vids, and when I told her about them she was startled to find out someone else had already come up with this concept. (I think a number of people came up with the idea fairly simultaneously.)

I saw these “Star Trek” vids at least a year or two prior to seeing Carol’s vid. That would date the Trek vids to 1981 – 1982. I don’t remember who made them, but I do remember seeing them at a house party on the east coast, probably in the Baltimore area.

I would *love* to find out if anyone knows who made these early “Star Trek” vids, and which songs they used.

Anyone out there have any information?

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