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Loki riding

Walter Skinner in his underwear

Out with the old and in with the new...

Refrigerator, that is. I think the one in my house qualifies as an antique. When *were* bronze-brown refrigerators in style, anyway? I've polled several friends, and they all agreed: early 70s at the latest.

Said fridge has been dying a death for about a week now. It turned out to be a lot more difficult to replace than I expected, as all the cabinetry was built around it, and almost all new refrigerators are obviously made to match McMansions and super-sized SUVs.... i.e., almost everything I looked at was too tall, too wide and too deep to fit into the cabinet.

But I found one! It was delivered today.

Before it was hauled off, I denuded the old fridge of all the fridge magnets.

Now, if I knew how to do a poll - which I don't - I'd run a poll.

So I'll just ask this question.

1 - Shall I stick with "tasteful" fridge decorations (is there any such thing)?


2 - Shall I reconstruct the fannish portion of my fridge decor?

I have images of Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Holmes & Watson, Illya Kuryakin, Spike, Vinnie Terranova, Mulder & Scully, and...

Walter Skinner in his underwear...!

Should they adorn my fridge once more?

EDITED: The fridge magnets, sans a few mundane ones that I don't like anymore, have been restored, and Walter Skinner, in his underwear, occupies pride of place.


Go for it!

My fridge, as you know, is covered in chrome and therefore magnets will not stick to it.

It's neat, yeah, but I kind of miss them. Fridges should be entertaining.
>>> Fridges should be entertaining.

Yes, indeed! The magnets are going back up today.
You should share a photo! It sounds amazing.

Good luck with the new appliance.
>>>You should share a photo! It sounds amazing.

Not amazing, so much; more of a hodgepodge of fannish & a ton of misc. magnets that I have either purchased or been given over the year.
Loki riding

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