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Loki riding

The Changing of the Seasons, SoCal Style

Who needs dead leaves all over the ground to tell you Thanksgiving and Christmas are on the approach? Well, since it's been 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 Celsius) for the past several days, we do need *some* clues. And here are two clear markers for the changing of the season:

- The radio ads changed from "Knott's Scary Farm" to "Knott's Merry Farm". (Knott's Berry Farm is a local amusement park, a la Disneyland.)


- They've built the bleachers for the New Year's Rose Parade along Orange Grove Blvd. Their skeletal beginnings showed up just after Halloween, and now they look complete.

So that makes it official. We are in what passes for winter in Southern California.


That and the tacky tinsel street decorations, drooping in the sun. lol
LOL! Those decorations will be showing up any day now. I'm surprised they're not here already.......
Ours are already up around here. At least they appear to have pulled them out and hosed them off this year -- the bright red and green plastic don't have the gritty, gray look to them. lol