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Loki riding

No denial going on there...!

Driving to work the other day, I see a SUV in front of me displaying a personalized license plate saying:


LOLOL! No denial going on there…!

Awhile back - when gasoline prices in SoCal were around $3.50 per gallon – I had just parked at the grocery store when the most ginormous SUV I’d ever seen, outside of a Hummer, parked right next to me. It sparkled and gleamed in the sunlight.

A woman got out, looked at my car – a 1973 VW Bug which was in desperate need of washing – sighed, glanced at her vehicle with a pained expression, looked back at me and said wistfully, “I bet you’re really happy you have that car.”

I replied, “Yes. I am.”

(And yes, I am truly eccentric to be driving a car that is older than many people I have worked with…! I said for many years to many people (who unkindly inquired "when are you going to get rid of that junker?"*) that I was working on an antique car. And, as of a couple of years ago, I achieved my goal.

* - The attitude of people in the 1980s toward my car was: "When are you going to get rid of that junker?"

* - The attitude in the 1990s was, "Ah, nostalgia! I used to have one of those!"

* - The attitude now is... I'm not entirely sure, exactly. But there are still plenty of these cars around. Here's a link to Bugstock, an event I attended for a couple of years.



Ah, yes, but remember -- all the money from our petroldollars goes straight into the Bushista's bank account. At least Europe has figured out ways to funnel funds into helpful social programs. We have to pay $3.00 a gallon AND all of everything else.

Then again, with President Gore in Virtual America, gas is down to .19 a gallon and we're having to bail out the gas companies. He does this in that his insistence on making cars run on trash led to the problem. lol

(Explained at link): http://movies.crooksandliars.com/SNL-Al-Gore-5-14-06.wmv