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Today’s Fun Links!

Here’s a podcast an interview with Leonard Nimoy. This is 40 minutes long. He discusses his start in acting, his thoughts on the business of making both studio and independent movies, his photography and on collecting art.

He discusses his participation in both the stage play and the independent film “Deathwatch” (1967) at length. I would have liked to have heard more about the implications of making a movie dealing with prison homosexuality during that era, but he focuses instead on the difficulties of producing indie films, then and now.

Keep listening even after the hosts start talking toward the end, as Leonard has additional comments.

Here’s a quote from a review of “Deathwatch”:

The Murderer, The Thief and The Homo: Director Vic Morrow keeps the cipherlike characterizations but brings a cinematic quality to Genet's one-set stage play. Leonard Nimoy (who coproduced the film with Morrow) is the small-time thief who battles with queer Paul Mazursky over illiterate, muscular king convict Michael Forest. The three are constant cellmates so things turn a bit twitchy, talky, and tense. Deathwatch is a bold gay-themed mainstream movie which vanished rapidly on release and has never been screened since.

Links under cut.


Deathwatch review:

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