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Loki riding

Despite all of the holiday craziness, this is the time of year which is least stressful, as far as my job goes. (Tax season will be starting in just over a month - cue the Bernard Herrmann music!!!) So, since I’m not so focused on work, not only am I getting a lot of plot bunnies, I've actually written some of them down. I’ve spent half of today working on a new story.

I'm still amazed I've actually *completed* two stories this year. I hadn't successfully finished any fanfic since the mid 1990s, and hadn't even started anything since app. 1997, when I got a good chunk of a Mulder/Scully novel done, and then just dropped it cold. I got too involved in the "yuppie from hell" mindset then - i.e., if I basically lived at the office and dedicated my entire life to work, it would somehow pay off in the end.

Not. When the company reorganization came... I went. But by that time I hadn't written in so long it seemed as if I'd forgotten how.

And then, early this year, I remembered. And I’ve been at it ever since them.

I want to give a big Thank You and Big Hugs! to moonchildetoo and murielperun for all their great suggestions and help and being willing to listen to me Go On And On about what turned into a 41,000 word K/S novella (called “Restraint”).

And just how do you get other LJ names to “light up” and be clickable? I see it in other people’s journals all the time.


get a software client that will do your LJ posts - it can light up the names for you. I use semagic.

if you want to hand code the names, go to LJ Help and read the FAQ. It will give you the sequence you'll need to type.

Thanks so much! I went back and redid this entry, and it worked.
Enter (lj user="name") with <> brackets instead of ()

And congrats for finishing a K/S story. Where will you publish it?
Thanks so much for the advice - I went back and redid this entry, and it worked.

My K/S story will be in "Dark Fire", which is almost ready to go to the printer.
I'm so happy that you've also had the "I actually started and finished something!" rush - and yours was a heck of a lot longer than mine! But it really feels good, doesn't it? At not least, it assures you that yes, you can do it again, if properly motivated. The trouble for me is, I really need a web site in order to be motivated to write more, so that I have a place to put my "miscellany".
Yes, that "I actually finished something!" rush is wonderful!

You do definitely need your own web site. You have an eclectic variety of stories - and so do a lot of people - so having your own web site would be perfect. I see a lot of people who are into a variety of fandoms with websites designed to reflect this.
Eeeek, I haven't finished "Restraint"! I hope you're not quite ready to go to press. *ulp*

I am so impressed with the amount of wonderful stuff you've written over the past few months! Congratulations!
I'm not quite ready to go to press with "Dark Fire" - just a few days now....!

And thanks so much - I'm glad you're enjoying my stories. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy writing.

And I'd love to see more of your writing, too... hint hint!
Loki riding

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