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Frals and chenesi

This post made me laugh so much (link behind cut) that it reminded me I did once upon a time – actually after a room party at a convention in September – plan to post A (very) Brief (and incomplete) History of Vulcan genitalia.

We were discussing frals and chenesi at the room party. No double ridges, no chiming bells.

Chenesi – or “back nuts”, as iibnf calls them – is the concept that Vulcans have a primary, or secondary, set of testicles in the small of the back.

AFAIK, Johanna Cantor came up with the idea in the 1970s. Here’s one of her stories.

There Are Worse Things by Johanna Cantor, originally published in 1977.

WARNING: This is het fic!

I believe the term “chenesi” was invented by Jenna Sinclair in her 1995 K/S novel “Promises to Keep”.

Frals. Well, hard to describe. And iibnf did a great job describing them. Just do a “find” for “Leslie Fish” on the first link I included in this post. Yes, there are tentacles. Little ones.

These stories were all originally published in the 1970s.

Shelter by Leslie Fish

Poses by Leslie Fish

At that aforementioned room party, one woman asked about the, um, practicalities of that arrangement. I said that Leslie Fish had come up with Vulcan female biology to go along with her concept of Vulcan male biology. She kinda shuddered and said she didn’t want to think about it.

But if you *do* want to think about it, this is Leslie’s idea about what Vulcan *women* look like.

Song of the Unwilling Bride

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