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Loki riding

Planned K/S convention

Jenna Sinclair and I have been discussing KiScon. She's decided to pass the baton for organizing KiScon on to me. KiScon, of course, is for the celebration of K/S, a convention by and for K/S fans.

The convention will be held at a hotel somewhere in the greater Los Angeles area. There have been quite a number of fannish conventions, both professional and fan-run, held in Los Angeles, so I have several good possibilities for the venue.

Timing: I'm considering holding the convention either October of 2007 or late April/early May of 2008.

Questions: How many people think they could attend this convention. And, if so, would you have a preference as to the date?


OOOOh! I can only attend Shoreleave OR Kiscon. So I'd rather want to see it next year in April/May.
I've only had a couple of people say they'd like to go in October. The majority of people want to go in 2008 in late April/early May. It's a very clear trend. So I'm 95% sure it's going to be in 2008.
I would be interested, but not this year. I've already got Winchestercon and Bascon penciled in for the end of the year. I can't do cons one after the other the way I used to!
The fannish calendar gets so crowded! I'm going to BASCon, as well, see you there!

Right now, most people are telling me they'd prefer the convention to be held in 2008 in late April/early May. I'll be making a decision on the date very soon.
Given that much advance warning I would come whenever.

With bells on! :)
Love your icon!

Glad either date works for you - now, of course, I'm expecting to see those bells...! :-)

Los Angeles? If I'm still living here in Burbank whenever the con is, I'd love to attend.

I'll be making a decision about the date within a few days. I'll announce it here when I have more information. I've also created a community for the convention, kiscon.
Okay, well, Winchestercon is October 13-15th in L.A. If KiSCon was the weekend before or the weekend after, I'd totally come. :D
Wow, I'd heard about Winchestercon, but I totally missed the part about it being in LA. Any chance we could get together before or after? Maybe with Shelley?

Right now, the comments and feedback I'm getting about KiScon is that most people are in favor of late April/early May, 2008. If by any chance I do the October date, it would be earlier in the month than Winchestercon. But right now the 2008 date looks like it's going to be the "winner".
Aw, okay, I understand. :) Well, April's pretty much always terrible for me, but I'll keep it in mind, and maybe. {{{{}}}}
Sure hope you can make it! It definitely looks like I'll be holding KiScon in April, 2008. I had about 45% people voting in favor of April, 45% no opinion, and only about 10% wanted October. And many of the people voting for April, including people from Germany and Japan, would not be able to come in October.

More soon! {{{{{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}} Enjoy Winchestercon! Any chance we can get together before/after?
Any chance we can get together before/after?

I like that plan. :-) Will definitely keep it open to spend a few extra days, and I'll check in with you when it gets to be closer to the time for plane tickets.
Loki riding

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