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Loki riding

James R. Kirk

I watched the remastered Star Trek episode "Where No Man Has Gone Before" today, and was amused to see the Okuda's decided to keep the "James R. Kirk" inscription on the tombstone. They'd been seriously considering correcting it to "James T. Kirk". I remember fannish discussion on this subject at the 40th Anniversary Star Trek convention in Sacramento. Some of us were pro and some con. I remember I was "pro" changing it, but in the greater scheme of things, not an issue I'm all that invested in...


James R. Kirk and errors in episodes

There were several errors in the episodes... The tombstone was only one of them. But to be honest I don't mind the errors at all. Makes it more realistic. What I don't like are the real bad errors the other series do. The ones that make you go... whhhhhaaaaatttt. Know what I mean.

Like Kirks brother. He has only one son. That is peter kirk. However in the one episode The one with Roger Koby in it. The android tells everyone that sam Kirk has 3 kids.

Then there are several with uniform screw ups.

Stuff like that.

Just thought I'd get into a conversation with you.