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Loki riding


I'm stunned. Check out this link:


This is the official - MGM! - website for "Stargate Atlantis" and "Stargate SG1".

You will notice the poll they have in the right hand of the screen:

"Favorite Atlantis Slash Pairings"

The OFFICIAL website is having a "favorite slash poll"!!!!!!!

Wow. I'm speechless.



We win!
Yay! We win!
But they don't give you enough choices! My favorite pairing isn't on there, so I couldn't vote. They should at least have included an "Other" option. ::pouts::
I was surprised they only had three choices for pairings. They definitely need an "other" option.

But... still - this just *amazes* me.
Oh, I know! It is amazing -- and very cool.

I'm glad they put one female/female option among the three. Even though it's not my ship. Shows they're being equal opportunity slashers!
>>>I'm glad they put one female/female option among the three.

Yes, I thought it was very cool that they included a f/f couple.
I think House led the way on this when producers admitted they were dangling the House/Wilson carrot in front of us - and then giggled. Pervs - gotta love 'em. Yayz!! We win!!
I just *love* all the stuff they do on "House"! And "Boston Legal", as well. We win!!!!