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Loki riding

Busy writing...

I'm 10,000 words into a new K/S story, which a friend and I plotted in August. I wrote the first scene then, backburnered it until I could finish "Restraint", and now that that story is complete, this one wants to go!

I've known since August I planned to tell the story in various parts, each narrated by a different character. But it's certainly interesting to switch gears like this. The first portion was from Spock's POV. I've now started the second part, from the POV of an original character - and it *still* wants to be written first person in a very casual tone. So I'm going with it. No point arguing with the muse - not when I'm so delighted to have her back in my life. :-)


I love telling stories from different P'sOV, because it lets you cover all the details and tell the reader all the little details you want them to know about both characters.

Oh yeah, ya gotta tell the story in whatever 'voice' speaks to you. The story will tell YOU how it wants to be told. Have fun!
Thanks! I'm really having fun with this. I fell into "Daniel Grayson's" voice right away. Spock is incapacitated for a portion of this section, and Kirk isn't in it until the end, so *someone* has to do the talking. :-)
One of the best parts of writing from the POV of the sort of outsider third party is they can see things the way you do, ask the questions you would ask of the relationships, etc. A MarySue-less MarySue, in a way ;-)
I really like that - "A MarySue-less MarySue". Yes, that's perfect.