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Loki riding

Supernatural: Late to the party, but having lots of fun!

I've been having a little mini-festival of Supernatural episodes over the last several days, and I think I'm hooked (if still not completely up to date on the mythos.)

My most recent job definitely had a "season", with most of the work concentrated in the first half of the year. So, for the last several years, I don't watch television for about five months out of the year. I do record lots of stuff to "watch later", and then catch up with all these shows on a haphazard basis. It has more of the effect of filling in a jigsaw puzzle than watching a linear story.

I really need to be better organized about my TV watching, because it's a lot harder to develop the fannish love in bits and pieces.

Oh, I netflixed "Heroes". I've almost finished watched "Carnivale" (also Netflixed), so time for a new show. Hm. I still have "Oz" in my queue, as well. So many people have recced "Heroes" to me, so I have to give it a try. Besides, I want to see Zachary Quinto in action *before* I see him as Spock. :-)

I also need to figure out which "Supernatural" episodes I haven't seen. (Off to google for an episode guide...)


MMMmmmm. Supernatural. Yummy, age-inappropriate goodness. ;-)

They are certainly a lot younger than the guys I usually go for. I'm surprised at myself! ;-)

Well, SGA starts tonight, so back to the McShep (too). Keeping fingers crossed I'll like this season.
I adored Carnivale - but listened to the people who warned me never to watch season 2.

Heroes is well worth it.
I am watching season two of Carnival right now - so far so good. Is it the ending that's supposed to be bad? I already know they don't tie up most of their loose ends, but that's OK; I've already read about their proposed plans for the entire series.

I'm looking forward to seeing Heroes. That's next.
I don't know what happens. I was just told the the quality of the writing dropped dramatically and most of the subtlety was lost.
I'm up to episode # 5 now, and I do enjoy it. We'll see how the rest of the episodes turn out.
Loki riding

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