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Catching up with the party: Supernatural & La Llorona

People do say it’s a good idea to begin at the beginning, so that’s what I’m doing with “Supernatural”. I’ve seen about half of season 2 (a random half), and maybe 5 – 6 episodes from season 1. I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t a show that lends itself to “mosaic” watching, so I’m starting from the beginning. I just watched episode one.

Boy, these guys are skewing a bit young for my usual tastes - on the other hand, the hotness! Do I like Dean better? Do I like Sam better? Why have one without the other? And all the rest of it - the creepy stories, the spooky lighting; all that great supernatural stuff. Love it!

For those who follow the show, what is it with the women pinned to the ceiling/bursting into flames? Is there symbolic significance in this, or is it just there for the awesomely dramatic visual?

Fascinating that the first story dealt with The Woman in White, The Weeping Woman, La Llorona. That flashed me back on the 1970s, and my own encounter with that legend in rural Arizona. Like any good legend, the greatest impact is when it’s local. Back then, we all knew that weird things happened on the dirt road behind the hills south of town. Car engines were likely to sputter and die if you were driving along a certain section of the road. Lights went wonky. People told tales of the weeping woman who haunted the road, the woman who had killed her children, then killed herself and could not rest. (I don’t remember if she wore white, or if she drowned her children, but all the rest of it fit the classic legend.)

OK, so I drove down that road any number of times by myself, just to see what would happen. Well, in broad daylight. I never tried that at night. But at least once a group of us piled into a couple of pickup trucks and went out there to hang out in the hills, tell ghost stories, and wait for the Weeping Woman.

Now, if this had been a horror movie, we all know what would happen next. This being real life, all that occured was that much beer was consumed.

Still, a good legend never dies. I’m typing this while listening to Joan Baez’s 1973 song “La Llorona”. I’ve always loved sad, dramatic songs, and this one definitely qualifies. Pity there’s no clip on Youtube. Still, if anyone’s interested, the MP3 is on amazon:

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