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Loki riding

What A Day

I should have stayed in bed.

Any day that starts with me tripping over my feet and falling face first on my own sidewalk (acquiring misc. scrapes, bruises, and a very sore ankle), and ends with me calling AAA while stuck on Huntington Blvd. in So. Pasadena, because my clutch cable broke -

Like I said. I should have stayed in bed.

Oh, well. The AAA guy showed up really fast, towed my car to the garage, and drove me home, too. Sure beat the last time my clutch cable broke, which was some time in the 1980s, and I was driving up to the Oakland Airport, was not an AAA member, had to leave my car at some unknown garage and had to brave the total nightmare of Bay Area public transit, which, for god knows what reason, did not seem able to get me home to my place in Santa Clara, 40 miles away, until four hours had passed.

So, if your car has to break down - AAA is a *good* thing!


Ohmigawd, you poor thing! I hope you're not too sore. I absolutely hate falling, it scares the bejeezus out of me and it's very traumatic. I have a true paranoia about it nowadays, since I fell that one Xmas at my niece's. And under the circumstances, sooo glad you got home quickly and easily. What a day for you! Major {{{HUGS}}}.
I couldn't believe how fast the AAA guy showed up - and that he took my car to the garage, and then he took me home. I actually got home sooner than I would have otherwise, because I'd been planning to go over and help Jonathan that night, but I'll do that tomorrow.
Wow, sorry you had all those mishaps!

AAA let me back in my car after I *gulp* locked the keys in a few weeks back.
AAA is wonderful. I swear by them. And yes, I've locked myself out of the car, and it's great they can come by and help with that too.
Hmm....seems I remember one particular car lockout in Goleta... *g*
Loki riding

April 2019

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