catalenamara (catalenamara) wrote,

The Pink-Headed Monster

Cats are so funny!

Whenever it rains I like to wear a head scarf (hot pink or purple!) in lieu of an umbrella for any short walks, i.e., car to front door, etc.

It rained pretty much all day the other day. It was SO COLD (anybody living in any place where it actually snows better not laugh!*) that I didn't take my scarf off as soon as I walked in the door, but wore it for several minutes until the heat kicked in.

One of my cats came into the bedroom - and came to a complete halt. He STARED and then approached me very tentatively. When I made a move he took off like a shot.

Another cat came in and gave me the same look, but this one isn’t a coward so of course she had to come over, stand on my leg and peer at my face, all the while giving me a "what's wrong with YOU???" look.

The first cat ventured back into the bedroom. His tail was hugely fuzzed and he was very skittish. He wouldn't let me get near him until I took off the scarf...!

Speaking of snow, there's a lot of it on the mountains just north of me. It's very nice to admire it from a safe distance...!

(* - If you do laugh, I challenge you to walk with me down a Las Vegas street in August at noon, because the desert is *my* natural habitat...)

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