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Loki riding

Closet Con # 9

I’m highly honored to announce that I’ve been invited to be Fan Guest of Honor at this years “Closet Con”, to be held in Leicester, England.


The Con is On!
A Classic Trek and Multiple Fandoms Slash Con
18th - 21st July 2008
Beaumont Hall of Residence, University of Leicester

I’m looking forward to the chance of catching up in-person with friends from England. Hope to see you there!

The organizer needs a certain number of people to pre-register, the sooner the better, so if you're thinking of attending, get in touch with the organizer ASAP.


Congrats! Go you!
Thanks! :-)
Very cool! Congratulations!
Thanks and hugs!
Congratulations! I'd love to go again but I'm making a trip over right after KiSCon, so Closet won't be doable this year. :-(

Re: Closet Con

I am really looking forward to it, it's so long since I have been to anything like this - see you there!