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KiScon Update: Special Auction Item

KiScon Update
KiScon 2008
A Kirk/Spock Slash Convention
May 2 – 4, 2008
Los Angeles, California

A Very Special Auction Item!

Joyce has announced:

"I've made a Kirk/Spock cross-stitched pillow top in hopes of adding a bit more excitement to Kiscon's already high level of anticipation. It's one of Ivy's creations rendered into a cross-stitched pillow pattern. Over 60 hours of work have gone into creating this piece.”

We are going to auction this beautiful pillow top at KiScon at the auction on Sunday, May 4, at approximately 11:00 am (PDT).

You can see the pillow top here. Joyce made the pattern from one of Ivy’s lovely CGAs:

It is suitable for framing or to make into a pillow. If it is made into a pillow, the color will be chosen by whoever wins it.

Because it is so unique, we also will open bidding to people who cannot attend the convention.

If you cannot attend but want to bid on the pillow top, please e-mail the following information to no later than 12:00 midnight (Pacific Time) on Monday, April 28. Please title your email: KiScon Auction Bid.

--- Your full name

--- Your full e-mail address

--- Your opening bid

--- The phone number with area code where you can be reached around 11:00am (PDT) on Sunday, May 4.

(Please note: We regret we can only make calls to numbers within the United States.)

--- Your maximum bid (You absolutely will not go over this amount, no matter what)

--- If you have no maximum bid and want to “stay in the running,” please indicate that preference.

If your bid is in the top 1-2 in contention to win the pillow top we will call you during the auction. From that point on, you will be part of the “live” auction! We will tell you the in-person bids as they are given and simultaneously accept your phone bids until only one top bidder (in person or on the phone) wins the pillow top. If you are the winner, you will immediately know you’ve won (and Congratulations!).

A thought for interested people outside the United States: Perhaps you can arrange with an American friend who can bid for you either via the online phone bid or in person at the convention. (If anyone is willing to do this for our foreign fan friends?)

If anyone who is not present at the convention wins the auction, I will contact you shortly after the convention to arrange payment and shipping.

Any questions? Just email me at

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