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Loki riding

Classic Trek filming locations

KiScon Update
KiScon 2008
A Kirk/Spock Slash Convention
May 2 – 4, 2008
Los Angeles, California
Website: ksconvention.com

I’ve been asked about whether it’s possible to visit any of the places where Classic Trek was filmed. Trek, of course, was mostly filmed indoors on Desilu and Paramount soundstages, but several episodes were filmed in outdoor locations.

Here’s a link to a listing of the filming locations used in all of the Treks:


The location most often used for TOS outdoor scenes is Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park in northern Los Angeles County (including the episodes "Arena", "The Alternative Factor", "Shore Leave", and "Friday's Child") .

For anyone attending the con “enterprising enough” (OK, OK, so I don’t usually indulge in puns) to want to visit, you can find driving directions here:


Maybe a group of people would want to go? Feel free to discuss on the list. (I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never been to Vasquez Rocks... though I have driven past that area any number of times.)

Kathy R.


Kath, I'd suggest strongly recommending a very good map and a good supply of water when walking around Vasquez Rocks. Larry and I were lost up there for over five hours and had to walk fifteen miles back to the main road to find our way back. It was in April and May will be even warmer. It's a beautiful place, though -- just VERY easy to get lost in. If they get lost, the best way to find their way back is to follow horse trails or climb to a summit and look for their locations. For awhile there, I had these horrific images of my wide backside being swung in a harness up into a rescue helicopter on the nightly news. lol
Awwww man, I'd love to go to a K/S con!
Loki riding

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