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KiScon Update 4-27-08

KiScon Update
KiScon 2008
A Kirk/Spock Slash Convention
May 2 – 4, 2008
Los Angeles, California

KiScon is almost here...!!!

A few last minute “bits and pieces”:

It was very warm in Los Angeles county today. (This is not to say it won’t cool down over the next several days). So I wanted to remind everyone the hotel has a pool and a jacuzzi, so remember to bring your bathing suits.


For the people taking the flyaway bus to/from Los Angeles International Airport:


Once you arrive at the Van Nuys terminal, call the hotel at (818) 997-7676 and they will send the courtesy shuttle to pick you up.


The Flyaway has a remote check-in baggage service for flights within the United States. (Unfortunately, they do not offer this service to passengers leaving for any other country.) Check your luggage at the Flyaway terminal in Van Nuys, and you won’t have to bother with it at LAX.

From their website:
“Passengers departing Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on domestic flights to all 50 U.S. states can complete airline check-in of their baggage and receive airline boarding passes and baggage claim tickets before arriving at LAX. This convenient and inexpensive service allows passengers to eliminate waiting to check in at airline ticketing counters or terminal curbside. Upon arrival at their airline terminal, passengers can proceed directly to passenger security screening. The remote check-in service provider transports the baggage to an LAX facility where they are inspected by Transportation Security Administration security screeners and then placed on board the passengers' flights.

This service is not available to passengers on flights to international destinations, nor to the U.S. territories in the Caribbean and the Pacific.


Carol ( is bringing a lot of collectibles for sale in the dealer’s room. If you have a special collectible you’ve been looking for, email her directly. She’s not bringing everything she has, and she’s not bringing any breakables like plates or glasses, unless it’s by special request. For example, she has mint sets of Taco Bell glasses $14 for the sets of four, many of the collector plates (the 1st series set (8) of the character plates for $55). She says, “Is there anything Trek that you've always wanted?? You can't believe it but I've probably got one if not more!!”

We have a lot of wonderful items to raffle or auction. These include a framed/signed photo of Kirk, Spock and McCoy from Star Trek III, autographed by Shatner, Nimoy and Kelley. We also have some wonderful dolls, K/S stationery, Hallmark ornaments, mouse pads, and even a set of Gayle F’s K/S paper dolls. Lots more! And a truly unique item, a hand-painted animated Enterprise & Spock mailbox.

We will have early registration in the Convention Suite – Room 180 on Thursday night. Our opening time is to be determined. We have some special gift bags for all attendees. We will open registration as soon as all of the gift bag “goodies” arrive and the bags are prepared.

Ideally, we’ll be open from 7:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Feel free to drop by and chat! We’ll have munchies and soda.

We need people willing to be co-moderators for the following panels:

“Traditional stories vs cliches”
Do you have some storylines you can read over and over again and never get tired of?

“Pimping K/S”
What episodes would you show to “prove” K/S?

“Flawed Heroes”
Kirk and Spock embody the best of heroic tradition. But they are both very complex men, and have had their differences along the way, from the times during TOS when Spock has challenged or questioned Kirk’s decisions (“Arena”, “The Apple”, “The Way to Eden”, etc.), right up to Star Trek VI. Fanfic writers have often explored “the dark side” of Kirk and Spock, from dealing with Tarsus, to the many “why Spock went to Gol” stories, to stories dealing with the distance between then in ST6. How might these differences make it difficult for them to get together in the first place? How would their differences affect their relationship “after the first time”? What do you like/dislike in these sorts of stories?

“Star Trek 11”
How will having entirely new actors play Kirk & Spock effect the fandom?

Any other questions? Email me at:

See you all very soon!

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