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Loki riding

I'm back (again!)

I haven't been on LJ in ages - RL and all of that. In between putting on a convention, working a demanding job, and learning new software something had to give, and it was LJ. I keep on making resolutions to keep up, but this last several months have probably been my busiest yet.

So I'm waving to my flist here and let's see if I can keep my resolution this time. :-)


GOod luck! May the good spirits of LJ be with you.
Do they have names? Back in the 70s, the fandom god was named "Ghu", for reasons I don't recall all these years later.
If they have names, I haven't heard of them. Though the mascot is a goat named Frank. I don't think Frank is generally considered a deity.
LOL! I don't think Frank even qualifies as a nature spirit...
I think of him as an electronic gadfly.
Now I'm picturing him with wings... plus doing everything else gadflies, human or not, do...
I think he eats flies. Does that count?
Heh, probably not.
If you figure out how to do it, let me know, k?
LOL, sure! So far I haven't managed very well... There's just not enough hours in the day to do all the things I want to do.
*waves back with enthusiasm and waits eagerly for your next convention!*
Waves back! Am working on details for the next convention now. :-)

Did I read something about CONVENTION?! Cool :)

And remember the DF III stuff! *G*
Did I read something about CONVENTION?! Cool :)

:-) I'm looking at either October 2009 or March 2010. I am taking votes from people as to which date they'd prefer. Do you have a preference?

And remember the DF III stuff! *G*

That's next...! :-) I'll be in touch soon.
October is a good time of the year, but I need some time for saving up the money *G* So I don't have a real preference :) Just hoping I can come at all! *wants to very badly*
Loki riding

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