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Loki riding

Nimoy and Quinto: The Two Spocks

This is a "better late then never" entry. Several K/S fans, including myself, attended Creation Con on April 13 in Burbank, California, primarily to see Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto and glean some clues about Star Trek 11.

(James Marsters was also *awesome*. Love that man!)

I kept meaning to post a report to my journal, but with one thing and another (KiSCon, looking for a new job, getting a new job, Shore Leave, Closet Con), plus some other less positive RL events... Well, I'm finally getting around to posting my report. :-)

* * * * *
The Creation convention was tremendous fun. I'm very impressed with Quinto. He and Nimoy get along great. And Quinto's resemblance to Nimoy in profile is uncanny; several times I thought I was looking at a very young Nimoy.

They were very, very cagy about the new movie. Neither one of them slipped up and gave any specifics about the plot.

Roberto Orci didn't slip up either, but I was very impressed by his obvious respect for TOS and his clear belief that the new movie will do justice to the original and appeal to new fans as well. This made me think about the new version of Dr. Who. I was never a fan of the old Dr. Who(s), but when the new version came on, I watched it with a bunch of Dr. Who fen, and they loved it - and so did I. That proved to me that an old favorite *can* be remade and please both old fen and attract a new audience, as well.

Back to Nimoy and Quinto: there was great camaraderie between them. It was obvious Quinto highly respects Nimoy and looks to him as a mentor. It was also clear that Nimoy feels Quinto is highly talented and that he likes him personally. I got almost a sense of fatherly pride; of a mentor seeing a protegee take wing.

One question Nimoy answered: He was asked if he felt sad about "passing on the mantle" as it were. I don't recall his exact words, but the gist of it was that he absolutely believes Quinto did justice to the role.

My favorite part was at the very end. Nimoy always wears this t-shirt "# 1 Vulcan" to conventions. He presented it to Quinto, who was clearly moved, and said he'd have to change the number to # 2. A very moving, bittersweet, beautiful moment.

It was also more than obvious that Quinto is a very intelligent man, and I already know from Heroes that he is an excellent actor.

Oh, funny aside! Quinto was wearing the same style of heavy-framed black glasses Nimoy used to wear in the TOS years; fans asked if it was to hide his shaved eyebrows. (I’m told that Quinto always wears this style of glasses.)

By popular demand, the two of them did the ta'al to the audience, and said "Live Long and Prosper" in unison.

The way Creation set it up, Quinto talked for 20 minutes, then Nimoy. At the end of Nimoy's single Q&A, they took yet one more question from the audience. All we could hear at first was a guy asking a truly inane question (like happens a lot at Creation con, so brilliantly satirized in Galaxy Quest). Then we all got the joke: Quinto was in line, posing as a fan.

Then the two of them got on stage together and talked for about 40 more minutes.

A great day indeed!

Here are some vids. Several are with Quinto by himself, talking about Spock and the new movie.



plus some other less positive RL events...

Uuurps. Sorry. Hope that's all in the past. Thanks for the more detailed report!
Screw Quinto--TELL ME ABOUT JAMES!!!!!
If I admired Nimoy before, I admire him even more now. He's so sensible, and sensitive as to what matters to fans.

Thank you for this lovely writeup!
You're welcome. :-)

I've seen Nimoy at several conventions over the past few years and very much enjoyed each appearance. The best times are when he and Shatner are on stage together - they get on such a roll. They clearly enjoy being together; they "click" so well.
I've heard that they riff off each other, but have never had the pleasure! It's also nice to see that they're still friends after all these years. : D
If you get a chance, do see this vid:

Mind Meld - Secrets Behind the Voyage of a Lifetime (2001)


Amazon review:
Tailored to the most hard-core Star Trek fans, Mind Meld gets you up close and personal with the stars of the original television series. Its premise? Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner sitting together and having a quiet, earthy chat about old times. There isn't much new information about the show--though old cast resentments are addressed--but viewers learn a great deal about the personal lives of everyone's favorite spacemen. The two discuss the pressures of filming a weekly show and the difficulties of maintaining one's dignity as an actor while wearing pointy ears. The personalities of both men shine through and it becomes obvious why they were cast as they were; Nimoy really is more thoughtful and reserved, while Shatner is extroverted and showy. The best part of Mind Meld is witnessing the genuine fondness the two men share for each other. It's clear that they really were (and are) best friends, even when the cameras stopped rolling.