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Loki riding

Are the wheels of the bureaucracy beginning to turn?

I'd like to thank morgandawn for her suggestion of calling someone else at Social Security on behalf of my friend J. I called them on Friday, and spoke to a woman who was helpful, but not in any practical way, if you know what I mean. I also left a voicemail for the person in charge of J's case, both on Friday and Monday.

Now, this person has never once returned any of his phone calls, but something I said (I was a very polite pest) must have gotten through to her, because she called him today. It looks like the wheels are in motion again to finally get him qualified for disability.

Keep fingers crossed!


good news. now just keep greasing those wheels so they jkeep turning. call and call again. take notes and get names on your calls. and send follow-up letters if need be. polite, understanding (they are overworked,) but you will not go away.....
Thanks! I'll definitely keep following up on this, and I'll keep a log of the people I talk to. I can definitely do the polite, understanding bit, because I know how overworked they are. Also, I spent 8 years in the Civil Service, and know what it's like to have members of the public screaming for your head, and trotting out that old "I pay your salary!" line. Well, OK - in that case, "Give me a raise! Or stress pay, to deal with people like *you*." :-)
Loki riding

May 2019

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