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Loki riding


Wow! I saw "Wicked" today - what a great musical! Superb acting, great story, wonderful staging and set design, and wow, those flying monkeys!

Quite an interesting storyline about friendship and betrayal. I'd say more, but there's a great discussion going on here:


See if if you get the opportunity.


I want to see Wicked! I hope it will come my way.
It's wonderful! It's a great examination of friendship; going from enemies to "frenemies" to true friends. And I loved the way they showed the origins of the Tin Man, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow.
Agreed -- an excellent musical. Ideal for teenage girls, too -- say, ages 16-18, because it addresses so many social issues that will be all-too-familiar to that group. "Mean girls," social exclusion, unfairly judging others, and trying to figure out how to stay true to yourself are all major themes (if I recall correctly!) of this musical. And it's fun, too!