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One of my favorite X Files episodes...

One of my favorite X Files episodes is “Arcadia”. In it, Mulder and Scully go undercover in a planned community because some horrible monster is killing anyone living there who doesn’t obey the homeowner associations petty-ass rules.

Since I’ve fortunately never had to live in a planned community I’ve always been bemused at the level of control-freakishness that goes on in those places. Example: One of my friends, after her mother passed away, put five of her mother’s small potted plants on her porch, only to have her wrist slapped because the HOA’s rules dictated that you could only have *three* flowerpots on your porch.

So today’s article from the LA Times made me laugh. I think the house in question is quite striking, which doubtless says something about my taste...,0,7269835.story?track=rss

Boy, who knew painting your house a bright color was a sign of certain disaster!

In my neighborhood there are blue houses, yellow houses, green houses, pink houses, even a burnt orange house (its proud owner has a burnt orange SUV to match), but all is quiet and peaceful and I haven’t detected any sign that the apocalypse is nigh.

If those folks in La Palma want something to complain about, they should move to the small Arizona down where I grew up where, once upon a time back in the 70s, a local DJ thought the best way to get our town on the map was to get everyone to paint their houses with polka-dots.

Some folks actually went for this. Let me tell you, a few years in the Arizona sun is not kind to that paint pattern.
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