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Introducing Cats

I inherited “Scooby” the cat in July and I need some advice in introducing him to my other two cats.

He belonged to a friend of mine who passed away earlier this year. The cat had escaped the house and had been living outdoors. I finally caught him with a humane society trap.

I’d been intending to re-home him, as I’d re-homed another cat in my friend’s household, but then one of my cats (Cloud) died suddenly and unexpectedly (he was 15 years old, and the vet said it was probably a heart attack).

I still intended to re-home Scooby, but he’s at least 7 – 8 years old and has an odd facial deformity. I’d assumed it was some kind of cleft palate, but the vet said it was actually a congenital condition called eosinophilic granuloma, not contagious to my other cats. By this time I’d become fond of him and decided to keep him, but because both of my other cats, Pele and Roshi, are elderly, and Pele has been having some health issues, the vet had me “quarantine” him for the first several weeks from the other cats.

After the quarantine period was up I’d gotten advice on how to introduce cats, and I followed various suggestions – letting them smell each other through doors, supervised introductions, etc. There was the usual grring and hissing from all parties, but it went well enough that I was hopeful I could let them all mingle freely shortly.

Scooby’s been living in the back part of the house – the laundry room, office and “family room”. There’s a sliding door between the family room and the kitchen, and I’ve been having to use tape and Quake Hold to keep it shut, as all three kitties are good at opening sliding doors.

Then I made a big mistake. I went out shopping for a couple of hours; but because things had been going well I got lazy and didn't put enough tape on the door.

When I got home the door was open to a cat's width and the kitchen floor was LITTERED with black and grey fur and a bunch of stuff was knocked down on the sink.

Roshi was under one bed, Pele under another and Scooby was hiding in the family room.

All kitties were OK. Scooby had a clawed nose; and he’d nicked Pele’s eye (yet one more vet bill, sigh). But she recovered quickly, thankfully.

Now the door is thoroughly taped shut. This is, to say the least, inconvenient.

Any advice? I want my whole house back. I can get to the back half of the house through a bathroom door, but it’s definitely not ideal.
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