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How’s this for a crossover idea? “Star Trek” and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”?

I just saw the Nicole Kidman movie “The Invasion”. (My review: “Been there, seen that.”) The most interesting thing on the DVD was the special feature which briefly discussed the previous versions, and how every version had functioned as a metaphor for a variety of paranoias: 1950s “Red Scare” hysteria*, 1970s fear of Jonestown-style cults, and now 2000s fear of pandemics.

So how do I get to (heh) proposing a Trek/Invasion crossover?

The Kidman movie is filled with news broadcasts showing earth is finally at peace. No more war in Iraq, no more war in Afghanistan, Kim Jong Il has become a rational leader, etc. Everyone is so rational, so calm, so non-emotional.

So (grin) what if this alien virus has been sent to Earth by the Vulcans who have decided humans are incapable of achieving a logical, non-emotional state? It’s certainly a timesaver, and “the logical thing to do”.

*Great wikipedia quote re the original version:
“The film has been read as both an allegory for the perceived loss of personal autonomy in the Soviet Union and as an indictment of McCarthyist paranoia about Communism during the early stages of the Cold War. as Adam Roberts wrote in Science Fiction; The New Critical Idiom: “Indeed [the film] can be read both as right-wing McCarthyite scaremongering—Communists from an Alien place are infiltrating our American towns and wiping out their American values, and the worst of it is they look exactly like Americans—and as left-wing liberal satire on the ideological climate of conformism that McCarthyism produced, where the lack of emotion of the podpeople corresponds to the ethical blind eyes turned by Americans to the persecutions of their fellows by over-zealous McCarthyites.”

Last minute thoughts:
Science fiction often comments on real life issues – “Star Trek” is a great example of that kind of storytelling - and then there's all those "atomic critter" movies of the 1950s, Godzilla being the king of that crowd. All of this sailed over my head when, as a kid, I watched all kinds of 1950s SF/horror movies on late night “creature feature” shows, including the original "Invasion".

SF fandom has produced quite a bit of slang, and I’ve often used the term “pod people” for hyperconformity. And Vulcan culture is certainly hyperconformist... ;-)
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