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Loki riding

For Sue...

For Sue...

A friend received a snail mail letter from a mutual friend to let her know Sue had passed away. She shared the letter with me.

Sue was a such a sweet person. I didn’t know her tremendously well, but I sure knew her for a long time. We met through fandom back in the late 70s and corresponded for awhile through the mail. But life takes people off in different directions, and I didn’t hear much at all from her for quite a number of years. She got a bit more active in fandom in recent years. It was quite a surprise to run into her at a convention a few years ago. We had a nice talk, about old times and new fannish interests. I saw her at conventions a time or two after that and we always found time for at least a short conversation. She was a good soul.


It's so easy to see fandom as an eternal place of youth, it's hard to remember that even fans get older and sick and die. :( There have been WAY too many lately ... I just heard about Bev. :((