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Loki riding

For Nancy...

I just finished posting about Sue passing away, and found this entry:


Nancy Kippax was a shining light in Trek fandom. She was one of the people who welcomed newbie me back in the late 70s to Trek fandom. She gave so much to so many over the years, through her fanzines, her writing, her convention work, and so much more.

Much love to her family and many friends.



I only knew her through Contact, but still, what a gem.
It was so nice to see her at Shore Leave a couple of years ago - I'm glad I had that chance.

I was so shy in the 70s (don't laugh) and she was very welcoming. I remember being so intimidated to fly all the way out to the east coast by myself and meet all these people who I'd only met through the mail, but they welcomed me into their homes and into their fandom. Nancy and so many others had a profound influence on my life.

*{{{hugs}}} you tight*

I know her name, of course. And have a Contact or two around here somewhere. May her memory be for blessing.
I hope you don't mind me asking, but would you be willing to think about creating a page at Fanlore.org (the new fannish wiki) for Nancy? I hate to think of us loosing our history, as we're starting to lose each other.

Let me know if you have any trouble getting started; wikis are pretty easy, but anything can be confusing when you start.
Just saw this post of yours. It's a lovely memorial. Thank you so much. We really miss her a lot.

I'm working on the latest issue of The K/S Press and I will be publishing a review of "Home is the Hunter". I'll email you a copy once it's ready to go.

If anyone would like to send me reminisces of Nancy, I'd be happy to publish them in a future issue.
Loki riding

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