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Loki riding

American Political Trivia

First (probably) gay President – the 15th president of the US (1857-1861), James Buchanan. His long-time living companion, William Rufus King, was referred to as "Aunt Fancy" and “Mrs. Buchanan” by that era’s Washington insiders.

First (acting) female president: Edith Wilson (1919-1921). After Woodrow Wilson suffered a stroke in 1919, she had matters of state brought to her attention and maneuvered things so that the vice president didn’t take charge.

First major-party African American candidate for president: Shirley Chisholm, 1972. She received 152 first-ballot votes at the 1972 Democratic National Convention.

First female Vice Presidential candidate representing a major American political party: Geraldine Ferraro (Democratic Party, 1984).

First woman to run for President: Victoria Woodhull (1872), a suffragist, spiritualist, and she and her sister were the first female Wall Street stockbrokers. She spent election day in jail.


Pretty cool! We need doris to write a book about James now. She is all up on the era, right? She just wrote a book about Lincoln.
She sure would be...!
Excellent post -- I'd forgotten about Buchanan. lol

It's also arguable that Abe Lincoln was the first black President if we accept the idea that his mother was Melungeon.
I'd never heard of that term before - interesting! The first source I googled said the Melungians were part Sephardic Jew, so that would be another first.
Cool infos *G*
Loki riding

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