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Loki riding

46 states down, 4 to go...!

Here's all the states I've ever visited. (OK, so I'm counting Georgia and Florida on a technicality; I was in the Atlanta and Miami airports catching continuing flights to other destinations. But still, I was "on the ground" - er, airport floor, as it were - for an hour or two.)

I'm not sure why I've never been in Oregon - I was 12 miles from the border once; I don't recall why we didn't just continue and at least set foot in the state. Ditto Vermont.

visited 46 states (92%)
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We will have to arrange a trip to South Carolina!
I *so* agree! I would love to visit!
Oooh! Pretty icon!
I love your transporter icon - how do you make those?
Hey, I thought we had SC on the planner.
We do! :-) Right now I'm not making any travel plans; I'm pretty sure the new job is only offering one week's paid vacation. Have to double check that. I'm just grateful to be working *and* for a place which offers health insurance! It's been a long two years of paying my own.

I know me, though; the travel bug will be biting before I know it, and SC is definitely on the itinerary.
Loki riding

May 2019

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